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The Legal Team for the Justice You Deserve

Davis Law offers a wide range of legal services including Family Law (marriage, adoption, divorce, and child custody), Estate Planning and Criminal Law.  We have the tools necessary to help you through difficult times. We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their individual needs and developing highly effective legal strategies. Contact us to learn more.


“Chances are, I have been there too.”  - Greg Davis

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Greg Davis is a native of DeSoto County, Mississippi. He graduated from Southaven High School and earned his undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. After serving for seven years in the Mississippi House of Representatives and sixteen years as Mayor of Southaven, Greg attended Mitchell Hamline School of Law. After graduating with honors, Greg decided to open a law office in Hernando, MS. Greg is licensed to practice law in Mississippi. He is the father of three daughters and lives in his hometown of Southaven. Greg works hard to provide more than just legal advice. His life experiences have put him in situations that may be the same as his client’s. He understands the struggles and strife that a legal case can cause an individual. 


Here at Davis Law MS, PLLC, we believe that legal issues should not be frightening.  We are committed to protecting your rights when you need it most by providing a superior quality service.  We are personally devoted to navigating your issue through the complex legal system, ensuring you the best possible outcome with a personal touch.  We provide the type of service where you will recommend us to your family and friends.  Whether your needs involve a criminal, family, or estate planning issue, we are here for you.

Our Vision

Vision and Values

The vision of the Davis Law MS, PLLC is to become a leader in the tri-state area by building a reputation by satisfying the needs of our clients.  We will expand our support team to meet the needs of our clients with dedicated, personable, and highly skilled professionals.


Our Values

To be honest, trustworthy, and ethical in all our actions.

To take the time to fully understand the needs, challenges, and goals of our clients.

To maximize the service we provide to our clients by honoring our commitments.

To be diligent in our attention to detail in order to provide the best possible result for our client.

To continuously pursue exceptional results in all of our endeavors.

To give back to the community by providing services for individuals with limited financial means.













Legal Services

Divorce, or "dissolution of marriage," is the legal termination of the marital relationship. The divorce process is handled by family law attorneys (each estranged spouse retains his or her own counsel) and involves a number of issues, ranging from division of property to child custody.

Obtaining an adequate Child Support order, and either enforcing or modifying it, often requires legal  assistance and the help of state agencies.  “Child support" is simply court-ordered payments for the support of a child. Under the laws in Mississippi, children generally have the right to be supported by both parents. When parents do not live together, they can generally go to court and ask for an order setting a regularly scheduled amount for child support.

Guardianship is a legal arrangement under which one person (a guardian) has the legal right and duty to care for another (the ward) and his or her property. A guardianship is established because of the ward's inability to legally act on his or her own behalf.

Conservatorship is a court proceeding to appoint a manager for the financial affairs and/or the personal care of one who is either physically or mentally unable to handle either one or both.  A conservatorship can be granted for both a minor and adult.

Expungement of Criminal Records is the process which allows certain individuals convicted of certain crimes to "erase" their criminal records from public view. While the underlying conviction or arrest doesn't actually disappear, it can help someone convicted of a crime -- or merely charged without a finding of guilt -- clean up their record. For example, employers may be wary of hiring anyone with a criminal record, regardless of the circumstances.

Criminal Defense - If you've been arrested or charged with a crime, you'll probably need the immediate assistance of a criminal defense lawyer, particularly if your liberty is at stake. A criminal defense lawyer can help explain your rights throughout the criminal process and hopefully make the difference between a reduced plea bargain or dismissal and a jail sentence.

DUI - It is a crime for a motorist to operate a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, including prescription medications. A defense lawyer will help guide you through the legal process.

Personal Injury law provides that a wrongdoer must take responsibility for injuries he inflicts on others. A wrongdoer must compensate a person he injures.  

Estate Planning - Wills, power of attorney, living wills, etc.

Municipal and State Agencies Representation - There are times when you may need someone to represent you or your company in front of Municipal or State Agency Boards.  Having served seven years in the Mississippi House of Representatives and sixteen years as Mayor of Mississippi’s  3rd largest city, Davis Law is well equipped to represent you on issues from zoning to permitting and others in between.

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